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Killer Bags

Martin Brent is an internationally acclaimed photographer, passionate water user and Surfers Against Sewage supporter. Here is the story of how Martin created the wonderfully beautiful, yet shocking "Killer Bags" images that are leading this campaign.

Being a keen scuba diver and generally caring about the world and its inhabitants I had become aware of the growing problem of single use plastic bags. They were becoming a common feature of dives and like all conscientious divers I will always retrieve the bags I come across and dispose of them correctly back on shore.

Whilst diving at around 60 feet I saw what appeared to be a large black mouth approaching in a slow but menacing manner. For a few seconds I really didn't know what was approaching, but thankfully it soon became apparent it was actually a large black bin bag! The bag was literally pulsating and the shape had settled to form what was effectively a large black 'mouth'.

After that experience I started to actively seek out marine rubbish, sadly there's plenty out there and the mouth effect was often evident so I started to photograph better examples, the plastic bags in the SAS photos are genuine marine litter. Had I decided to fake them I could have made them 'better' but as it stands very little if anything has been done to alter their shape. Obviously we've added a little drama and the teeth etc in post production which came about with the collaboration with Art Director Stuart Jackson and Copywriter Gareth Hopkins which led to the creation of the bags we see here.

I hope our efforts to raise awareness will contribute to what is rapidly becoming a huge problem impacting the marine environment. I don't want this to be yet another mess we leave to our kids to sort out and taking action now. Making the pledge might mean we may not have to.

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Killer Bags (Teeth) by Martin Brent - Pledge to Break Your Bag Habit at: Killer Bags (Jellyfish) by Martin Brent - Pledge to Break Your Bag Habit at: Killer Bags (Serpent) by Martin Brent - Pledge to Break Your Bag Habit at:

Martin Brent photographer

Martin Brent is an advertising photographer working out of London. Awarded Sony World Advertising Awards- Advertising Photographer Of The Year and also having been a Lucies and PDN Annual Winner he is also proud to have been a D&AD Judge and also a past President of The Association of Photographers.

With an established and successful career in Advertising photography, shooting internationally for campaigns, particularly requiring sports action and character portrait. Often when a specific emotional response is required. Martin also works in landscape combining the disciplines when required.

Martin positively welcomes 'difficult' locations and conditions, shooting on and underwater. Commissions have taken him worldwide on dry land and out in the oceans.

Martin has shot for Manchester United, England Rugby, Aston Villa FC, Adidas, Landrover, Swiss, Aga, HSBC, Virgin, Network Rail, Sony Ericsson, Garmin and Harley Davidson to name a few.

For his personal work he seeks the decisive moment, fragments of time, the lost moment, fascinated by the scenes and events that occur largely unnoticed, the things at the periphery of our vision.

Martin sells his fine art work through Eyestorm London, he says the biggest compliment a photographer can receive is when someone wishes to invest in your work and hang it on their wall.

Martins work can be viewed at and can be contacted through his agent Clare Fletcher.

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